Kingdom come is coming, in small yet invasive ways...

Follow along with us as each week we meet for service to those in our neighborhood, common meals, study of Jesus' teachings and how to live them, as well as Sabbath worship at the Buffalo Vineyard City Church .

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Letter from a Crack in the Sidewalk

To Fellow Weeds & Seeds:

Grace and peace to you from God, the Gardener.

So here we are in Buffalo. What a trip it’s been to get here. Some of us came in on peoples’ shoes, others drifted in on the wind, and others even came through birds’ digestive systems; but what a blessing we've landed here in this crack in the concrete! There isn’t much soil, but there’s enough, and these seeds are beginning to grow. We may never be that stately maple growing across the street, but we have in our DNA what it takes to keep on growing, and keep spreading; keep cracking this concrete, and surviving being stepped-on and cut-back.

Kingdom come is coming, in small yet invasive ways... like weeds, sprouting in the cracks, growing in the empty lots, and shooting up in the midst of the ruins of the empire. What a blessing it is to be a part of this.

Feel free to follow along with us here, and in your prayers as well.

May God rain down blessings on you and bring growth in grace!

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