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Monday, September 26, 2011


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Our family has spent the last two Sundays exploring "Narnia". We pushed through the wardrobe of Buffalo's suburbs and emerged on the other side into a land with hilltop views, a pond, forest glades, cottages, a huge tree house, acres of farm land, and trails along streams and gorges. We enjoyed the shade of giant maples, caught grasshoppers and crickets by the handful, chased migrating monarchs across the open fields, caught frogs in the pond and streams, and ate crisp apples in ancient orchards.

The owner of this 25 acre property hopes it can live up to the name he's given it. He hopes it truly will become a magical land for children to explore, especially children who may have never stepped foot in a setting like this before. He donated use of the land to Jericho Road Ministries (JRM), a refugee resettlement agency on Buffalo's West Side. This "Narnia" is barely a half hour from the West Side, and affords amazing views back on the skylines of Buffalo and both Niagara Falls. From these cities could come Burmese farmers to run a working farm and CSA, or urban youth for summer camps, or school children to take part in year round educational activities.

Late this summer JRM asked me to head-up the efforts to get some or all of these activities going on the property. So the past two Sundays we've been exploring and meeting with the owners, and this is what we've found:
  • Farm Land - 15 tillable acres
  • Bunk House - a cottage that can bunk around 12 people
  • Garage - an enormous space that will eventually contain a 20'+ climbing wall
  • Tree House - a cottage on stilts with a wood stove, couches, and second story loft complete with a foosball table
  • Pond - 12' deep, has a paddle boat, swimming platform, and eventually a zip-line
  • Patio & Deck - surrounds the owner's residence, has a pergola, hot tub, and views of the cities' skylines (site of a future fire pit)
  • Sugar Bush - contains at least 20 mature sugar maples
  • Nature Preserve - adjacent to the property it contains 2.5+ miles of trails through woods, fields, abandoned orchards, and along a stream and its gorge
click on the interactive map above to view these locations and more details

C.S. Lewis' Narnia had talking animals, Aslan, its loving creator, sustainer, and protector, and epic battles where evil was confronted and good triumphed. We pray that this "Narnia" could also be a place where the natural world around us has much to say and teach us. May it be a place where people encounter our Creator, Sustainer, and Protector in real and tangible ways. And may it be a place where good triumphs as visions of economic opportunities, sustainable food, spiritual retreat, and educational opportunities become reality.

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