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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


God has provided us with lots!

The fall harvest seems to be the time I most recognize this reality. Recent visits to the garden yeild tomatoes and peppers, squash and beans, carrots and collards, onions and beets. Land, which a year ago lay as an overgrown grassy lot, now provides such bounty and goodness.

At the farmer's market a few weeks back, I bit into my first fresh Honey Crisp apple of the year. It sent me into an immediate moment of praise and worship; our God is the Provider of lots of good stuff!

Well, this week God literally provided us with lots! At the city auction I bought four vacant lots in the neighborhood near the church.
These lots make up a quarter acre of land, which leaves us with lots of space for the kids to explore, lots of space for growing our own food in sustainable ways, lots of space to offer our neighbors room to grow their own food, lots of space for enjoying the abundance our Creator, Sustainer, and Provider gives us. Three of the lots are adjacent to each other at a corner two blocks from the church. The 100'x85' block that they make up will be used to offer plots to others in the neighborhood that want to grow food for themselves, or for a profit.

The other lot is a few blocks away (close to the house we hope to buy) and will be used primarliy to grow food for ourselves.

So as we enter this harvest and Thanksgiving season, we have lots to be thankful for; the abundance the land provides, and the provision of abundant land.

May we all experience the abundance God offers.

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  1. congrats! i hope the land is fruitful for all gardening on it and good luck buying a house too!